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DexterMarie Set to Unveil Flagship CNS/ATM Journal at IFATSEA ARM 2023

Air Traffic Safety Electronics International, the flagship CNS/ATM journal dedicated to the global air
navigation and air traffic safety electronics industry is set to be formally unveiled at the 13 th IFATSEA
Africa Region Meeting (ARM) scheduled to hold in Livingstone, Zambia’s iconic tourist capital, from 13 th
to 16 th June, 2023.

The multi-dimensional solutions firm DexterMarie, the journal’s publisher said the planned launch of the
journal at the annual Africa Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP) gathering comes as the
African air navigation and aviation industry continue to play an increasingly critical role in the safety,
security, efficiency and sustainable development of communications, navigation, surveillance and air
traffic management (CNS/ATM) in particular and the entire aviation systems in general.

“The theme of the IFATSEA ARM 2023, which is ‘Sustainable Civil Aviation Transformation through
ATSEP Solution’ provides an additional confirmation of this increasingly significant role”, says Adeyinka
Olumuyiwa Osunwusi, Air Traffic Safety Electronics International’s Managing Editor.

Air Traffic Safety Electronics International is one of the world’s leading global air navigation journals,
providing the latest insights, news, in-depth industry analysis and up-to-date reports to meet the needs
of those involved in communications, navigation, surveillance/air traffic management (CNS/ATM) and
the entire air navigation spectrum in the global aviation industry. The journal is dedicated to the air
traffic safety electronics, air traffic management and other air navigation-related terrains.

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