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We pride ourselves on delivering top-quality scientific research and publications covering a wide spectrum of academic disciplines. Our research services and publications – digital and print – are indeed a reflection of our core values.

We are especially passionate about promoting international networks and cooperation in academic/scientific research and publishing.

We also pride ourselves on promoting and organizing world-class conferences, seminars, and workshops.

Featured Scholarly Articles


Aviation Automation and CNS/ATM-related Human-Technology Interface: ATSEP Competency Considerations.

The aviation industry has, no doubt, undergone profound transformations ever since the first powered aircraft flight on December 17, 1903. An especially noticeable aspect of the transformations is in the area of automation. Remarkably, aviation operations are becoming increasingly automated and it is expected that the wind of change sweeping through the industry will be getting stormier as new technologies emerge especially within the context of the emerging prospects of intelligent technologies, which may ultimately enthrone complete automated or technology-based intelligent decision making. Perhaps, in no sphere of the aviation system has there been, …………

Aviation Safety Regulations versus CNS/ATM Systems and Functionalities.

The safety, security, efficiency, regularity, and sustainable development of international civil aviation operations revolve around a web of well-defined legal, policy, regulatory and methodological frameworks, which prescribe, inter alia, mandatory, advisory, prescriptive or discretionary requirements in respect of interactivities within the civil aviation community. In relation to this body of legal, policy, regulatory and methodological frameworks, the Convention on International Civil Aviation (otherwise known as the Chicago Convention, 1944) clearly represents the locus classicus. The Chicago Convention, which governs the activities of Contracting States of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), …….

Occupational Radiation Exposures in Aviation: Air Traffic Safety Systems Considerations.

Radiation from both natural and artificial sources is an inescapable and undeniable reality of human existence. Aside from exposure to radiation from a wide variety of natural sources including background ionizing radiation and electromagnetic fields from the earth, the increasing multiplicity of scientific and technological advancements and the growing complexities of the urbanization process are combining to elevate the susceptibility of mankind to non-ionizing radiation from electromagnetic fields. Debates regarding the health outcomes of occupational radiation exposures in aviation have been intense in recent times with a focus that appears  that appears predominantly riveted on…………….


A Comparative Assessment of Computer Literacy of Private and Public Secondary School Students in Lagos State, Nigeria.

The aim of this study was to conduct a comparative assessment of computer literacy of private and
public secondary school students. Although the definition of computer literacy varies widely, this study treated computer literacy in terms of access to, and use of, computers and the internet, basic knowledge and skills required to use computers and the internet, and the patterns of use of computers and the internet……..

Communication Media Policy and Regulation: Implications for Mainstreaming e-Learning in Nigeria.

Issues bordering upon the imperativeness of communication media policy and regulation are, perhaps, no longer open to debate.  Although media and communication governance remains a largely national prerogative, principles, policies and regulations – albeit essentially normative in nature – exist for the administration and regulation of media and communication at inter-governmental and global levels, consequent upon the progressive evolution of new digital technologies, the increasing universality of media access, the paradigm shift towards communication system interoperability and automation, the stride towards virtualization, and the emerging trends in the digitalization of …..

The Nigerian Education Milieu in the SDG Era: The Roles, Values, Challenges and Prospects of ODL and Lifelong Learning.

National governments are under increasing pressures to address issues surrounding sustainable development. Interestingly, considerable attention is shifting towards education, which has been widely recognized not only as a fundamental human right but also as a catalyst for sustainable development and a vehicle for confronting the challenges facing societies in terms of profound shifts in demographics as well as socio-economic, environmental and ecological realities. ….