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At DexterMarie, we are truly uncompromising when it comes to meeting our clients’ needs, tailoring our expertise and experience towards providing cutting-edge management and entrepreneurial solutions that take cognizance of the peculiarities and operational realities of our clients. And in doing this, we appropriately factor in technological realities and global best practices.

Just sample our aviation consulting portfolio:

Technology solutions and technology sourcing (telecoms and aviation)

Whenever and wherever dependability, availability, timeliness and efficiency are the critical elements, you can find us standing firm. And we remain uncompromising when it comes to sourcing cutting-edge
technology or providing state-of-the-art solutions.

With a commitment that spans the whole spectrum of technology and services, we remain your single-source solution provider and highly specialized partner for cutting-edge technology and services.

Scientific research, publishing & contract printing

We are especially passionate about promoting international networks and cooperation in
academic/scientific research and publishing.

Turn-key technical solutions (air traffic safety engineering)

When it comes to the air traffic safety electronics terrain, we are simply good at providing reliable turn-key technical solutions.

We always leverage on our technology know-how in the areas of automated aeronautical messaging systems, satellite telecommunication, and ATC radio communication to provide the best solutions that
meet the needs of our clients.